Thursday, June 20, 2013

Horse Camp June 12th Save The Horses

Last week I went to horse camp at Save The Horses. I sprayed Lady Jane's cuts. Lady Jane has an abscess in her hoof. She also has a bad bed sore from laying down. She is fighter and is getting better.

I rode horses bareback and rode through sprinklers. I got to ride Snow White, Doodle and Spirit. I got to do vaulting which is like gymnastics on horses. I stood on the horse and I went on my knees on the horse.

I learned that you can tell what kind a horse is by their coat colors and markings. I learned about face markings too. A dot on their head is called a star, the line on the muzzle is called a stripe and the mark on their nose is called a snip.

I made a cute craft for daddy for Father's Day. It was a hand print horse. I went in the petting zoo, went into the chicken pen and I saw an egg. I made lots of friends. I had lots of fun!! Mrs. Kelly is a great teacher.

The horses at Save The Horses are abused, hurt and have not been fed right. Some of the horses bones are showing. The horses need our help. Please consider making a small donation using my donate button below.


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