Sunday, February 16, 2014

Science Fair Project On Thermal Conduction

I worked really hard on my science fair project on Thermal Conduction. Our homeschool group science fair was moved to another day because of a snow storm and then we were unable to attend because daddy's work schedule changed and he needed the car. So to show everyone our board, experiment and what we learned I made this video. I hope you like it and learn about Thermal Conduction!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

DIY Butterfly Placemat

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-Jewels and sequins
-Construction paper or a file folder
-Pipe Cleaners

How To Make:
1) Fold your paper or file folder in half.
2) Draw half of a butterfly shape and cut it out.
3) Decorate your butterfly with jewels, sequins and markers. You can also add antennae with pipe cleaners.

My brother made a dinosaur instead of a butterfly.

I got the idea out of the Fancy Nancy Tea Parties book. It was a really good book and there are other crafts and recipes in the book too.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tennessee Walking Horse - What I Learned Today

Here are some things I learned about Tennessee Walking Horses.
  • They have 3 special gaits. They are the flat-foot walk, the running walk, the rocking-chair canter.
  • The Tennessee Walking Horse was first bred in Tennessee. 

  • Tennessee Walking Horses live to be 20-30 years old.
  • Tennessee Walking Horses are 15-17 hands from the ground to the top of their shoulders.
  • Tennessee Walking Horses weight 1,000-1,200 pounds.
  • Walkers have broad chests, short backs, muscular hindquarters, and long, full tails. 
  • The first Walking Horse was born in 1837 in Kentucky and his name was Bald Stockings.
  • During the Civil War many Confederate soldiers used Walking Horses.
  • Tennessee Walking Horses give bounce free rides.
  • Walkers are good horses for new riders and children.
  • Walkers are a result of crossbreeding Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Morgans and American Saddlebacks on in Tennessee during 1800's.
  • After the Civil War, breeders in the South wanted to keep the Walking Horse gait alive.
  • Photo credit
Here is the book we read The Tennessee Walking Horse by Charlotte Wilcox. You can buy it on Amazon or check your library.

Get your Tennessee Walking Horse filly coloring page here.

Remember if you ever see an injured or abused horse call a local rescue to help!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Announcing Virtual Art Club - How To Draw A Dog

Hello welcome to Virtual Art Club. Each month I will post how to draw videos with a different theme. I encourage other kids to draw their own masterpiece and then share it by linking up at the bottom. You can do this by sharing a url to a blog post, Instagram photo, Facebook photo, Photobucket photo, etc.

This month we are going to post art videos about different kinds of dogs. Follow the video instructions to create your own dog artwork. I drew my Husky in pencil then went over it with oil pastels. If you do a Husky you can do any color you want black, white, tan or gray. You will love your art when it's done.

Here is my finished picture:

Next month we will do cats.

Here are 6 videos on how to draw different types of dogs.


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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ARF Animal Rescue Fair 2013

A few weeks ago I helped at ARF Animal Rescue Fair. I had fun. I helped at the Save The Horses booth. I helped with making money for the horses. I told the people about the dwarfs and handed out treats. They had to pay 25 cents for treats.  I also helped give the dwarfs a bath so they looked pretty.

We walked around to visit other animals. There were cute kittens, dogs and rabbits. I also got to help the booth beside us and walk the dogs. I got to meet the Milton Large Animal Rescue guys. I learned how they rescue horses. We learned about other shelters and organizations that help animals.

While we were there it started raining. And then Willow started jumping around because she was frightened. I was scared too. Then it stopped and it was really sunny.

I got some goodies at the fair. Petco gave me a bag with fan and tennis ball. I got a frisbee, lots of candy, pin, magazines and animal crackers. At the Save The Horse booth mommy bought me a tshirt, keychain and horseshoe.

10 Organizations in GA you can help or adopt cute pets from:
1) Adopt a bunny at The Rabbit Center
2) GA Center for Humane Education - a group dedicated to Character Education they speak to schools and groups that seek Humane Education.
3) Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue
4) Homeless Pet Clubs of America - get your group (homeschool, girl scouts, school, etc) involved in a club where you can sponsor a dog or cat from a local shelter or rescue group. Because of the sponsorship the animal rescue partner promises not to euthanize their sponsored dog or cat. Help save lives and find forever homes.
6) Save The Horses - my favorite rescue where I spend most of my time. Please consider making a donation to help the many sick or injured horses, even $1 helps.
7) Healing Hoof Prints - a therapeutic facility which utilizes the healing power of horses to meet emotional and physical needs of children, adolescents and adults.
8) Stop Puppy Mills
9) ARF Animal Rescue Fair - hope to see you next year at the fair. It's a great place to adopt the PurrFect pet!
10) PetSmart Charities

The horses at Save The Horses are abused, hurt and have not been fed right. Some of the horses bones are showing. The horses need our help. Please consider making a small donation using my donate button below.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Horse Camp June 12th Save The Horses

Last week I went to horse camp at Save The Horses. I sprayed Lady Jane's cuts. Lady Jane has an abscess in her hoof. She also has a bad bed sore from laying down. She is fighter and is getting better.

I rode horses bareback and rode through sprinklers. I got to ride Snow White, Doodle and Spirit. I got to do vaulting which is like gymnastics on horses. I stood on the horse and I went on my knees on the horse.

I learned that you can tell what kind a horse is by their coat colors and markings. I learned about face markings too. A dot on their head is called a star, the line on the muzzle is called a stripe and the mark on their nose is called a snip.

I made a cute craft for daddy for Father's Day. It was a hand print horse. I went in the petting zoo, went into the chicken pen and I saw an egg. I made lots of friends. I had lots of fun!! Mrs. Kelly is a great teacher.

The horses at Save The Horses are abused, hurt and have not been fed right. Some of the horses bones are showing. The horses need our help. Please consider making a small donation using my donate button below.


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