Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Announcing Virtual Art Club - How To Draw A Dog

Hello welcome to Virtual Art Club. Each month I will post how to draw videos with a different theme. I encourage other kids to draw their own masterpiece and then share it by linking up at the bottom. You can do this by sharing a url to a blog post, Instagram photo, Facebook photo, Photobucket photo, etc.

This month we are going to post art videos about different kinds of dogs. Follow the video instructions to create your own dog artwork. I drew my Husky in pencil then went over it with oil pastels. If you do a Husky you can do any color you want black, white, tan or gray. You will love your art when it's done.

Here is my finished picture:

Next month we will do cats.

Here are 6 videos on how to draw different types of dogs.


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  1. This is awesome. Thanks for linking up to refrigerator Art. I will try this later this week with the kids and post our pictures. :)

  2. Awesome lesson! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a fun idea! Great dog picture sweetie!

  4. Great lesson! I'll have to let my daughter watch the video and have her give it a try.

  5. great job G! love it - spencer will link up later

  6. Wonderful job! Can't wait to share this with my little girl, Bear-- 6 yrs old soon.

    I enjoy your blog and wanted to share the Super Sweet Blog Award with you! Please follow this link for the award. This is not spam! :-)

  7. Gwyn, this is such a great idea! We enjoyed attempting the pugs!!! Not sure if I linked up correctly for you to see the pix....looks like I may have linked up way too much! sorry : (